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Creative Director


Nicole Bélanger is a visual artist who specializes in directing group murals, both in schools and in the community. Her emphasis is on group efforts at the conceptual and creative level. The murals are directed in a way where she provides guidelines and direction as the project progresses to ensure a quality finished product and a level of acquired expertise for the students. Her community murals have also involved the homeless and health centres. Nicole believes in the energy created by a group effort, and that there is room for everyone to create. Nicole is a visual artist in her own right, working in both painting and sculpture. She is a graduate with a Master's degree in Visual Arts from Norwich University, Vermont, U.S.A.



Structural Designer


Bernard has over 50 years of experience in structural projects, gaining his first experience working as a general contractor in the Abitibi-Price paper mill of Iroquois Falls, Ontario. Having worked in a breadth of departments within the paper mill, Bernard then went on to teach college-level trades programs, eventually becoming a beloved workshop manager for the Conseil Scholaire des Écoles Catholic de l'Est de l'Ontario. Bernard's breadth of experience is impressive, and his time with the Studio has allowed the team to take on larger, more structural projects which require metal, concrete, or wood expertise. He is an indispensable member of the team due to his incredible knowledge and experience in nearly all materials. 


Studio Manager


Martine is the head of the Studio: there is no project she cannot coordinate, or figure out. She is the team's problem solver and dispatch operator, and an indispensable artistic asset, specifically in sculpting. On top of her artistic experience and operational prowess, Martine also possesses an affinity working with underserved communities due to her strong background in social work. Notably, her contributions ensure impact. 


Studio Assistant


Madeline is everyone's right-hand-gal, with experience in drawing, sculpting, painting, and photography, she is the Studio's go-to helper. Her in-depth experience and research abilities make her a prime consultant for the Studio's projects when contemplating symbolism, materials, and techniques.  

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